Toner is closely related to copiers and printers. Today,  let's discuss a question: Why would we choose the compatibility of copier toner?

On the market at present, the variety of toner cartridge materials, which are common there are three main types: original and compatible, the other is the waste recycling processing, the third is not an option, of course, but the original price significantly more costly than compatible, how should we choose between them? Our toner, for example, in general, the price of the original is compatible with at least 2 times, even higher. Obviously compatible have more advantages in price, at the same time, through the test, in the print quality, light density, and toneradhesion and so on, almost no difference between the two. So, in a nutshell, the compatibility's of toner is higher than the original price. This is also a lot of users are keen to buy compatibility toner.
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