There are many benefits of wireless printing. It offers users increased flexibility by allowing them to print from multiple devices and from different locations. Here are three of the top advantages of using a wireless printer:

1.Avoid Networking Hassles - Networking entails connecting your computer, laptop or other electronic device to a printer. This is oftentimes done using different wires and cables that run between your computer and printer. As more people and devices are networked to your printer, you will need to continue adding wires and cables. These get tangled easily and can pose a safety hazard. Wireless printing uses Wi-Fi to connect all your devices with multiple users, eliminating the need for any wires.

2.Be Truly Mobile - Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of wireless printing is the mobility it allows. Using a traditional printer requires you to be close enough for the networking cable to reach the printer and your device. With wireless printing, you can print from wherever you are. Multiple people can also print at the same time. The connected printer will organize each print job in its queue, making it quick and easy for you to get your document printed anytime.

3.Embrace Web-based Printing - More and more people are printing documents from cloud-based and online data storage centers. With traditional printers, the project needs to be downloaded from the Internet onto the device that is networked to the printer. With a wireless printer, the document is printed directly from the cloud without taking up storage space on your device.

Setting up a wireless printer is not as difficult as many people think, and its many advantages make the set-up worthwhile. Check out our infographic here to learn how to get started with wireless printing.
Article origin: cartridge world