With the continuous advancement and development of the society, printers that used to be office peripherals began to enter more and more families. Whether it is commercial or household, printers have become essential.

Perhaps, many times, we must consider the problem from multiple angles. The printer brings convenience to our lives and brings disadvantages to our lives. When people enjoy the convenience brought by the printer and throw the used printer cartridges and toner cartridges into the trash can, few people think of it.

This discarded empty box will bring about a big pollution to the environment. The plastic in the empty ink cartridge and toner cartridge accounts for about 80% of its composition. If it is abandoned outdoors, it will not rot in the next millennium; and even more terrible is to stay in the toner cartridge. The residual powder in the body is extremely harmful to the human body. These particles with a diameter of 4 to 8 microns are invisible to the naked eye. It directly enters the human body through the respiratory system of the human body. The photosensitive material of the toner cartridge will endanger human health and discard the empty space. Ink cartridges, empty toner cartridges, which waste resources and seriously pollute the environment.

Many well-known printer brands have set up recycling points, but the business is very deserted. In general, there are many self-employed people in the electronics market to set up toner cartridge consumables recycling, and their recycling price is higher than the recycling price of printer brand manufacturers.

Therefore, many printer users are attracted to sell original empty toner cartridges. As everyone knows, it is for this small profit that it will bring more losses. Because you can't guarantee that the consumables purchased in one day are original, maybe this is the product that was refurbished by the unscrupulous merchants after you were recycled.