Depending on the photosensitive material, we can now divide the toner cartridge into three main types: OPC toner cartridge (organic photoconductive material), Se toner cartridge and ceramic toner cartridge. In terms of service life, the OPC toner cartridge is generally about 3,000 pages, the Se toner cartridge is 10,000 pages, and the ceramic toner cartridge is 100,000 pages.

The life of the toner cartridge refers to the amount of paper that the laser printer cartridge can print. The larger the amount of paper that can be printed, the longer the life of the toner cartridge. The length of the drum life is determined by the drum. For small and medium-sized office users with relatively difficult printing tasks, they should be willing to pay more for the monthly print load (more than 10,000 pages) and long-life toner cartridges (up to 20,000 pages) - these two indicators are higher The reliability of the model is generally more prominent. Otherwise, moving the paper jam or even the "armpit" and frequently replacing the toner cartridge will greatly reduce the printing efficiency, increase the maintenance and overall printing cost.

The longer the cartridge is used, the lower the cost of use. If used more often, the price is naturally low. The life of the toner cartridge not only affects the price of the whole machine, but also relates to the cost of long-term use in the future. Laser printers often measure the cost of printing a laser printer at a single page printing cost. In short, at the same price, the longer the life of the toner cartridge of a laser printer, the lower the printing cost and the more cost-effective the user.